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 Mountain Goats - Pictures
Picture source:
Alaska Sea Adventures © 2001
Alaska Sea Adventures and Nature Spirit Photography

Mountain Goats - Life Style

Mountain Goats are often called the kings of the hill and this seems to be very true, as this species is perfectly adapted to living on very steep slopes. Mountain Goats have a thick white to yellowish coat that protects them from cold and allows them to live in regions where about nine months of the year are winter. In winter, their coat becomes even thicker and they feel quite comfortable on the slopes.

Steep, rocky cliffs found in alpine and sub-alpine areas are the main habitat of this species. The range is great; it includes Alaska to northern Colorado and regions from the Pacific coast to the Rocky Mountains. This species lives in high elevations and observes the world from the bird's eye-view. These areas are usually covered with snow, yet this does not prevent the Mountain Goat from wandering freely in most cold climes. Its thick whitish coat is not only a good insulator, but also a hiding mechanism that allows it to appear unnoticeable to predators.

Each spring, Mountain Goats shed their coat and many cliffs become sown with the hair. Adult bullies start to change their coat earlier than compared to pregnant females. By July, most Mountain Goats completely shed their coat and grow a new one in preparation for winter. The outer hairs are coarse and are about 8 inches in length. The undercoat is dense and is about 2 inches in length.

 Mountain Goats - Pictures
Picture source:
Northwest Outdoor Photography
Unlike other animals that have to bound when traveling in deep snow, the Mountain Goat tends to plough through it. Since balance is very important for these hill-living animals, nature supplied them with rubber-like pads on their hooves. These pads provide for efficient traction that is absolutely indispensable for animals such as Mountain Goats that constantly live about the cliffs.

Life Span: They live for 12-15 years in the wild and may die when the teeth are worn down to the gum line. In captivity, they can live from 16 to 20 years.
Diet: Sedges, grasses, herbs, mosses, etc.
Litter Size: Mountain Goats give birth to 1-2 kids (triplets are very rare).

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